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Sorry for the absence everyone.  I have made a few bits lately, but for all of them I am waiting on just ‘one more thing…’ to make them perfect.  That meant placing a good size Stampin’ Up! last week (shame, eh?) to get everything I ‘needed’!  Should be with me on Wednesday, so I can finish off all those projects and post them on here.  I have a little something I whipped together last week to show you tomorrow, once I download the camera.  I’m supposed to be working on some class projects today and tomorrow, but my mojo seems to be as MIA as I have.  Hopefully it’ll come back tomorrow – I need it!  But I don’t want you to go away empty-handed – so I’ve rifled through my photo files and I don’t think you’ve seen this:

I don’t think you have anyway – have you?  If not, this was my Make a Monster class back in February.  One of the cards was based on one shown at Convention, while the other was the result of playing – as was the little spaceship favour – it’s so cute.  I have to watch out if I buy Skittles for projects though – DH always wants eat them, if the girls don’t spot them first that is!  Thanks for dropping by today, pop back soon. XX


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  1. I absolutely love this set of projects – they’re all gorgeous. I’ve made the one we saw at Convention and love it, but especially love your ingenious space ship! May have to CASE that for a class one day, with your permission please!


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