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No cards today…..

Because I didn’t make any yesterday or today!  Yesterday, I spent the morning at Ikea!  Don’t you just love Ikea?  Don’t you always buy and spend way more than you went for?  Me too!  Anyway, I went for some more storage for my craft room as I now enter the final stages of Project: ‘Evict hubby from study so I can have the whole room for crafting’.  Catchy title isn’t it!?  I have promised him a new laptop, but only so I can boot the old desktop out of my room.  So today I thought I show you a couple of photos of the room as it is now, and then when it’s done, I’ll show you some more:

So here is my room as you look into it from the door.  You can just see the french doors out onto the garden.  You can’t get out of them though as I have stuff piled up in front!  You also can’t see the pile of stuff the runs along the wall on the right of the picture,  I tried to get a shot but the light from the doors blacked the picture out,

And now here it is as I stand down by the windows.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking – ‘Wow Val, you already started sorted out hence all the piles of stuff on the floor and your desk’  No!  This is just how it is, the mess I work in.  I’m hopeless at putting things away, tidying up, anything!  Well, I’m fed up of it.  So, there is a big new unit waiting in the garage, Paul’s stuff has been evicted to a small cupboard, and I’m on a mission to declutter and sort!  I just did a load this morning with lots of stuff going into piles for recycling, donation or just the bin if those 2 aren’t suitable options.  Watch this space – literally!  It’s going to take a couple of weeks, but don’t think I won’t be card making in that time – I will – and I’ll be posting too – I’ll just sorting out as well.  Check back again soon for an update and some cards.  Hugs, Val.XX


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