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A Little Gift…

Two weeks ago I met a fellow mum at the nursery.  She’s a friend, and she’s having a bit of a tough time right now.  I went home and I just wanted to do something to cheer her up.  It had to be quick as I only see her that one day a week, so I thought about putting together a box of cards for her.  I have plenty of cards around all the time, making them for the blog or for classes, or just for fun.  I grabbed the box I keep them in and pulled out 12 cards I thought she might like in a mix of colours and occasions.  I then popped them into a couple of acetate card boxes I had knocking about.  Of course though, these needed to be decorated:

I wrapped around both boxes with a piece of the Springtime Vintage paper.  I then tied both boxes together with a piece of Very Vanilla Satin Ribbon.  I added a Chocolate Chip Top Note and a Very Vanilla circle with my greeting.   I then added a couple of the Sweet Pea felt accents that we had in last years mini catalogue.  I gave it to her when we went back to pick our kids up.  She was so chuffed that I had thought of her enough to make her something, she thanked me so many times.  And I was so chuffed that I was able to do something – even quick and small – to make another persons day.

Right, I’m up to my ears here trying to get everything done.  The craft room is on hold until the weekend now as I can’t spare any more time to it, or dismantle it any further as I have work to do.  The kids are on half term next week so I need to be ahead of the game for that.  I’m also gearing up the release of my next Class by Email, which will be released on the 1st June (next Wednesday).  I’ll be back with more cards for you before then though, so pop in again soon. Hugs, Val.XX


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  1. You are so thoughtful Val, that is a gorgeous gift!


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