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Here – If a Little Late…

Where did today go?  We had a huge list of jobs to do today, and then when we’d ticked those off, we made another list for a load more for this evening!  Anyway, I promised you a card today and I’d hate to disappoint!

Here’s a bit of fun!  Summer Fun in fact!  Last weekend I went to play at my friends Lyndsey’s house.  She had this stamp set which I don’t, and I fancied a beach scene.  I’d created the surf board panel originally, but it wasn’t exciting enough for me.  I decided to turn it into an easel card.  I added some ‘sand’ by using my square lattice impression plate on a bit of more mustard card.  I didn’t want my bucket a spade to be flat then on the sand though, so I cut a little flap in the sand so my bucket and spade could stand upright and also act as the support for my easel.  What do you think?  Getting you in the summer mood yet?  I’ll have some photos of my craft room for you tomorrow.  It’s not done yet, but I have some work in progress shots for you.  See you soon. X


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