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A Few Quick Pics…

Of my craft room.  Still in progress as you’ll see but the basics are now in place:

Here’s the view from the door.  The wall shelves have gone, the desk shifted to the left and the new storage unit is now in place.

Here’s the view from inside the room looking back at my desk and my other storage unit.  This wall is newly painted to match the other.  Nothing is organised or tidied yet, I just shoved everything back in as it was all in front of the front door!

And here is the other corner of the room by the french doors.  I had this unit all along too, used to keep my stamps and card in there and now those things have moved nearer the desk.  That big pile of stuff on the floor still needs sorting out too!  It’s going to be a few more days before everything sorted.  I need a few more storage boxes from Ikea along with another rail for my punches and some lights above my desk.  Plus all that sorting!  I’ll show you a full tour again when it’s finished now.

For those of you interested in my Classes By Email – check back tomorrow for my brand new class. XX


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  1. hi val your craft room is looking good!!! ive got the same ikea units in mine they are brill!!!!


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