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It’s Going To Be Quiet Round Here…..

Because I lost my voice!  Yesterday’s sore throat is now a full on infection and I woke to a croak!  Feeling rotten actually, so I’m going back to bed for a bit before I have to go and get the girlies.  Means I won’t be crafting much for a few days, which sadly means no pretty things to show you – sorry.  I have visitors this weekend too – need to clean the house before they come – Aargh!  Anyway, it means I probably won’t get chance to blog again this week.  I’ll miss you all and hope you’ll come back and visit me next week once things are better. Hugs, Val. XX


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  1. Oh no! sorry to hear that… get well soon Val.
    Rest up, drink plenty of fluids and take care!!!
    Luv Lynne

  2. Sorry you’re not well Val. Hope you feel better soon. We’ll miss you!!

    Lorna Xx

    ps we got rid of all our baby stuff – then Lois “happened”!!


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