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Ssshhh! Don’t Tell….

OK, so don’t say anything, but my husband was right.  But we’ll only whisper it so he doesn’t get cocky or anything, ok?  When I told him of my grand plans for the end of term gifts – 3 MONTHS AGO! – the conversation went something like this:

HIM – ‘Oh yes?  And when are you going to fit all that in?’

ME – ‘Oh, I’ve got bags of time.  They don’t finish for 3 months, and I’m not going to leave it all to the last minute’

HIM – ‘Right!’

Well, he was right!  When was I going to fit it all in?  When was I not going to leave it until the last minute?  Because now I have 3 major projects to finish in a week!!!!  This is why I haven’t blogged all week:

When I planned all this – had I allowed for the fact that in the last 2 weeks alone I would have 2 workshops, 2 classes, plus the girls home one day for a Big School visit?  I HAD NOT!  Am I now rushing to make 11 gift bags, pillow boxes and bag toppers, 50 Lollipop covers with handwritten message inside and 20 gift boxes?  I AM!  Have I got all the gifts to go inside these yet?  NO!  Am in a minor panic now?  YES!

Basically what I’m saying is – please forgive my blog absence lately.  I will be sharing these when they’re all completed next week, plus I’ll have some cards I’ve made (yep, fitted them in too!) for the week after, so please come back again soon.  Pretty please?

Have a great weekend. Hugs, Val.XX


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  1. Hi Val,

    I look forward to seeing the finished results! Hope the classes went well – I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to attend.

    Judi x


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