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End of Term Gifts #3…

As promised, here are the gift bags I made for the staff at the girls pre-school:

The bag is a template from MTME which I’ve made up using Old Olive card.  I’ve wheeled the Nursery Letters wheel across the bottom again too.  I love using the wide striped grosgrain ribbon for the handles as it maintains it handle shape well.  Inside was a matching pillow box (sorry, forgot to photograph) with a keyring in it and a little packet of Thorntons chocolates.  Whilst the ladies there are not known as teachers in the strictest sense, I think the sentiment is appropriate because they are teaching the children essential life lessons at this age, and what they learn now will shape their whole future.  They have taught my kids for 2 years now, and I hope these gifts go a little way to showing them how much we appreciate what they have done for us in that time.

I have made a small mistake though.  I made 9 of these bags for the ladies who help look after the girls, but 2 different ones for their direct carers – and I forgot to photograph them before taking them this morning!  I had hoped to show you those tomorrow – sorry.  I gave them a little extra in their bags as they got the above, plus a big tub of body butter from Body Shop – love that stuff!  I’ll see if they’ve still got them at the pre-school in the morning and photograph them then.  If not, I’ll find something else to show you!  See you soon, Val.XX


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