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Off To Big School…

As you may know, my girls and several of their friends are off to start Big School next week.  And you’ll definitely know how I love making gifts!  So what do you get if you put the two together?

Off To School Backpacks of course!  There are few of these around at the moment, but I designed my own template for them and decorated them with some of the Play Date Quick Accents, which are perfect for school themed projects (get them quick, they’re retiring!)

Here’s the back with the straps all in place.  I filled them with a few treats and stationary bits to wish them well at Big School.  One of the girls is going to the same school as my girls, but in another class, while the other is off to another local school.  I doubt they’ll all meet up as much as they used too (we used to meet weekly), but I hope they’ll stay friends – I know their Mums and I will.

Once the girls are settled into school, I hope to ramp up my Stampin’ Up! business and that will mean lots more projects and classes on the blog – so you’ll want to keep coming by.  Thanks for stopping by today.  Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you again next week.

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