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Is there anybody there?  I wouldn’t blame you all for deserting me, I’ve been such an appalling poster this last month.  I won’t even waste your time with the excuses – you’ve heard them all before!  Anyway, I hope to get a couple of posts up this week as I have been busy making – just not posting!  Today I have for you the two small Christmas Cards I made for my girls to send to their classmates this year:

Two little cuties for two little cuties!  I made 30 each of these (yes, 60 in total!) – I must be mad!  Anyway, the girls were dead chuffed and loved the googly eyes – I’m glad I got these for them, it makes a huge difference.  So today they sat writing their names in each one (I wrote the ‘ To Whoever’ message in each one, they just had to write their names).  I’m so impressed that when they started school 3 months ago, they couldn’t really write much at all, and yet already they can write their names with confidence, as well as trying to write other words too.

My babies turned 5 at the end of last week (I know!)!  What I don’t know is – where did the 5 years go??!!!  I’ll have more to share with you this week including some birthday cards ( I have too many birthdays at this already busy season!) and some Christmas stuff too.  I hope you’ll stop by again soon, Val. XX


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  1. Val, just wanted to say thanks for my card candy prize, it arrived yesterday and is just gorgeous. Thanks also for the bottle cap brooch which is equally fabulous. Have a very Happy Christmas. xx Doreen


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