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Quick Apology…

I can’t quite believe it has been so long since I posted on my blog, it must be longest time I’ve ever gone.  Please accept my sincerest apologies for the prolonged absence.  I’ve not really been myself this last month and honestly haven’t made anything to show you!  I did finally manage to get back into my craft room in the last 2 days though and have taken loads of photographs for a new Class 2 Email – Big Shot ‘Outside the Box’.  I really can’t wait to share it with you, and hope to have a sneak peek of one of the projects for you after the weekend.

This class will be a little different to some of my other classes as it focuses on showing you how to create the basic projects and encourage you too, to think ‘Outside the Box’ with your Big Shot.  It”ll focus on technique rather than designs, although several designs for each project will be shown.  I understand that even if you got this class now, you may well use the projects for a variety of occasions, and so it contains lots of different projects, designs for them and ideas and tips for ways you could take any of the projects to the next level by adding your own twist.

I really hope you’ll be able to stop by for some peeks next week and for the launch of the new class.  Thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Val. XX


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