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Boxes of Lego….

Or should that be Lego Boxes?  Well both really, because if you’ll humour me, I’ve a post of fun and a little nostalgia.  Back at Christmas, we got the girls some Lego as one of their gifts.  Now they’ve had fun with it – but so have hubs and I!  Both us grew up at a time when Lego was just taking off and as I had 3 brothers, we had quite a lot of it in our house.  Recently I asked my Mum if we could have the box of Lego that was gathering dust in her loft, for the ‘girls’ to play with.  Well, you’ll see where this is going!  I’ve had so much fun rummaging through this huge box of Lego and remembering all the kits my brothers and I had.  I’ve even found a website which has loads of old instructions you can follow and spotted many of the sets on there – ready for me to rebuild them.  My favourite was a car and caravan I had, although sadly at first glance, it looks like some pieces for that may be missing.  Notice at this point the word ‘me’, not the girls, or even hubby, but me!  So, I’ve got Lego on the brain – so I came up with these…

Made using the same techniques in my recent class ‘Outside the Box’, I created these boxes styled to look like a large Lego brick.  I’ve made 2 sizes – the 2×2 and a 2×3 and they are so cute.  I just had to pose a couple of little people along side them.  In the box we got from my Mum we found 73 different people – and some I have no idea where they came from, I don’t remember them!  We also found 5 extra heads and legs, but no bodies for them – odd!

Judging the straggly hair, dodgy tash and 5 o’clock shadow, I’m thinking this guy’s head is not the original one for this Policeman!!!

So, if you’ve got a little boy (or girl – have you seen that new girly Lego now?) who loves his Lego, why not present his gift in a box like this – I’m sure he’d love it.

Thanks for stopping by today and thank you for indulging my little trip down memory lane.  Did you play with Lego as a kid?  Still got it?  Or can you remember what you had?  Leave me a comment letting me know your Lego stories – I love to share this nostalgia with you.  Hugs, Val. XX


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  1. My 2 boys LOVE Lego! They love going to Gran’s house because she has a BIG box of Lego that her 2 boys played with 🙂 I liked playing with it a a kid but hate it as a Mam – I’m forever standing on the bits the dogs don’t eat LOL! Can you let me know the Lego site you found please Val? I’m sure my OH would love to see it. Your boxes are fab too 🙂

  2. Loving the lego boxes and remember fondly hours of fun as a child playing lego with my Dad. We now have boxes and boxes of the stuff (leftovers from my girls when they were little and my partners from when he was little) and I can’t wait for Caiden to be old enough to play.

    Thanks for the project and thanks for the memory


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