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Quick Question….

Hi to everyone popping in this weekend – *waves*!

I’ve a quick question for all visitors, and I would be so grateful for some answers.  I’m working on a couple of new classes to release next week, so some behind the scenes blog prep is going on.  I’ve noticed that my most popular hit page is actually my ‘Class 2 Demo’ page, nearly every week.  And yet, I sell very few classes.  I’ve not added many lately in fact, for this very reason.  But folks are still looking!  Are you just looking to see what I’m up to, or are you looking in the hope of seeing a new one, or perhaps you’re just a new visitor looking all around?

If this is a page you’re looking at today, or have done recently, please, please please could you leave me a comment letting me know why, or email me on:

If there is interest for them out there, I’ll do some more but if folks are just looking, then I’ll save the time to work on other projects to share instead.  I’d be so grateful if you could help me out here, it’ll also help me know what my visitors are looking/hoping for when they visit, and respond to that need.  Many thanks in advance, Val. XX


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  1. Hi Val,

    I have looked at your classes to demo a couple of times and keep meaning to purchase a couple but then I get caught up in the rest of the lovely things on your blog and it completely slips my mind (old age is getting to me lol).
    I love your projects and WILL purchase a couple just as soon as I get 5 mins to use them.

    Thank you for offering this service

  2. Hi ~Val

    Try and look on blog everyday, to see what you have posted and see what you are up too! I know that recently you have not been able to post alot, but, this week you have post several things!! Look forward to seeing what you have created! As for your classes, they are great to see, and maybe one day will get one! Hope that helps! Dont give up though!

  3. Hi Val

    I like to check out what you’re offering and have bought them in the past. I look for classes that my customers will ooh and ahh over and also if I have the resources! I realize it is a lot of work on your behalf but it is greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. as a very new demo, I love the idea of your classes, and am very tempted by the big shot ones – will have to wait until i have the dies though!

  5. Hi val,
    Think I emailed you with an answer but will repeat the answer here just in case. As I’m in the UK and not the states, I look often to see what you have put on and if I have or can get the materials etc. Did purchase your lovely ‘Forever Young’ tutorial and was thrilled with that one.
    I’m always interested in finding more ways of using the stash that I’ve just bought so look on your blog to see what you are doing. As I can only ever buy the email tutorials from you I have to pick and choose what I select so that I can adapt things that cannot be bought over here.
    Hope this helps.

  6. I look for the products I have as well, and that I think my customers will want to use in classes. xx

  7. stampingwithval

    I’ve emailed you separately Veronica, but wanted to clarify for visitors looking here. I am based in the UK, not the US and all my Class 2 Email and Demo contain only current Stampin’ Up! products (at time of launch) available in the UK/EU. X

  8. ~Thanks so much for your prompt reply Val, felt really silly when I realised you were in the UK as I think I remember that from the first time I found your site. My excuse is another senior moment….
    Is there any chance of you doing tutorials that show how you can make several cards or other items with the same stamp sets?
    I know you do this with all the boxes, bags and such like but for me I find that not being that artistic I don’t get full use from my stamp sets as I’m not able to ‘see’ other cards from them. Hope that makes sense.
    You seem to have an imagination that just leaps all over the place with ideas and it’s great.


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