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Birthday Card CASE…

Hello there!  I’ve managed to pop back in with a quick post of a couple of Birthday Cards.  Time is in really short supply round here and the fact that I’ve come down with a cold really doesn’t help!  I need a couple of Birthday cards for this weekend for a set of twins who are friends with my twins.  With a head full of cold, I have no mojo so a CASE was needed.  So I’ve used this fabulous design from Steph and recreated it with my stash:

The twins are a boy/girl set so one for each in appropriate colours.  Which is your favourite?  I think I prefer the green a little actually:

I actually made 4 of each – there are some more birthdays coming up over the hols, so now I’m all prepared!

Right then, back to the grind stone!  I’m up to my ears in Teachers Gifts and End of Terms Treats, so I’ll be back soon with those.  There should also be a new summery Class 2 Email coming your way, but it’s fallen a little behind.  Keep your eyes peeled soon!  Thanks for stopping by today. Val. XX


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  1. Val, These cards are FABULOUS!! What stamp sets did you use? Thanks


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