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Quick Card for Grandad…

I had got on top of most of my summer birthday card requirement before school broke.  Except for two – this on for DH’s Grandad and one for my little brother (OK, so he’s 23).  And of course, with school out, everything is done at the last minute and in a hurry!  (Ha ha!  I like the way I say that, like it’s not always like that, school holidays or not!!! Ha Ha!!)

Anyway, DH’s Grandad loves all forms of transport (except he can’t drive – go figure!) especially trains (he worked for British Rail, hence no need for a car – free train travel!) and boats (he lives near the coast).  I didn’t have any train stamps, but I did remember I had the wonderful Open Sea:

If I had more time, I’d have done a bit more to it, but for a quicky using stuff on my desk, I really like it.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Only one week of the holidays left to go – who else is on countdown???  I have a whole load of new stash downstairs – I want to play!!  Have a great weekend, Hugs, Val. XX


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