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Craft Room Update…

I’ve been super busy trying to get my craft room back up and running.  When I started this make-over, I had no idea what a big/long job it was going to turn out to be!  It took me three weeks just to clear the contents and sort through it!  This shocked me as I had only gone through it all when we moved, 9 months previously!!  Anyway, then I had a bit of a wait for the decorator to be able to come in and do his stuff.  Do you like the colour?  I went for Summer Starfruit and had it painted on two walls.  I shall miss that colour when it retires next month, so this way I’ll still be reminded of it!

I’ve had new units for the desk supports, but I’ve managed to use my other pieces to build this unit.  It looks really built in, but it’s actually just IKEA units made to look that way.  A friends lovely husband came by on the weekend and cut my new desktops and the stamp storage units on either side of it.



On the other side of the room, I had this 2 x 4 Expidit unit already.  All I’ve done is have a piece of desktop (well, worktop actually!) fitted on top of it.  By having this on top and butted up to the wall edges means I’m not losing bits of paper down the back like I used to, plus it gives a little extra work room.


It’s not quite finished yet, I still need to work out what to put on the walls, put my clock back up, make a blind and I might cover the chair too – but it’s getting there!

Here’s a reminder of how it looked before:



And that was after I had started the sorting!  Big improvement, eh?  I’m so pleased with it and can’t wait to start getting crafty in there again!

If you have any questions about the room, or how I’m storing any items, please just ask.  I’ll see you back here soon with something crafty.

Crafty Hugs, Val. XX



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