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Summer Holidays…

I struggle with social media and staying touch during the holidays. 2 eight year olds with a social calander far busier than keeps me on my toes, and by the time I remember to blog, I’m too tired to do so. Add to that less creating time/energy, I’m sure you all know how it goes!

So I’ve quickly snapped these cards I made for some male family birthdays a couple of weeks ago. Photography is also a fail right now as I quickly capture these with my iPad, the only way I will get anything done for the next 5 weeks!! Yes, I did say another 5 weeks!

That said, I’m hoping for some crafty time next week as my girls will be at a drama workshop. I’m also hoping that crafty time will be with some new goodies from the upcoming Autumn/Winter catalogue! Demonstrators could order from today!! Yippee! I love that perk!

So, anyway, here’s the card; I hope you like it. I’ll try and be back soon…


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  1. Great card Val! And the photo is just fine!! Can’t wait to see what you make with the new goodies:-). Thanks for the inspiration!


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