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Merry Monday – Belatedly!

My apologies for the delay in bringing you this week’s Merry Monday. If you could see the length of my to-do list, I know you’d understand! It’s my own fault, of course. In order to stop myself from getting too stressed and nervous about Convention, I did what we all tend to do – I pretended it wasn’t happening! Buried my head in the sand, and ignored it. Of course, that never works, things won’t go away like that! So now, I’m an even more stressed wreck, because now I have to do all my getting ready in 24 hours! Plus, as it’s just me going, I have to get everything ready at home too, for my hubby and girls, so they don’t starve/forget stuff/argue! Let’s face it, they totally can’t cope without me for three days – can they? I know they can of course, but it’s nice to feel needed!

Onto today’s Merry Monday then, and I’m recycling images from a few weeks ago (see above!) to bring you the cute Hexagon Gift Box that goes so nicely with the 6-sided Bows I showed you a couple of weeks ago.

Stampin' Up! - Hexagon Gift Box - Video Tutorial - Stamping With Val - Valerie Moody; Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. X

Here’s the video so you can create your own – enjoy!

If you missed the gorgeous Bow video, check it out here!

Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll be at Convention in Brussels from tomorrow, but I’ll be back with all the gossip next week from that.

Crafty Hugs, Val. XX


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  1. Thanks for all the work you put into this Val and hope you have a fantastic time at convention, meeting and making new friends. Know you will, also know you will pick up lots of new ideas and techniques etc……..ENJOY!

  2. What a beautiful and easy box. Normally, I don’t mind working in inches, but I have to admit I always have to think hard with 7/8 and measurements like that, perhaps because I grew up in a country where no one ever used inches? Have a lovely trip to Brussels and go onto the Atomium – it’s worth it!
    Love, Nessie

  3. Made this little beauty yesterday and have just read that you have been announced as an Artisan – so deserved – congratulations!


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