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Help Me With Your Feedback!

Hi! Today, I’m asking for your help and feedback, if you can spare me a couple of minutes? Nothing taxing, but I hope your answers will help me to provide you with the experience and information you are looking for when you visit my blog.

Recently, I have been blogging more, which I hope you’ve all been loving, and I’ve been loving all the comments you’ve been leaving me. Recently, I’ve noticed lots of comments asking for more details on how certain projects are created, especially the 3D items. As I’m sure you can imagine, these projects are more detailed and take longer to create, and therefore providing more details/tutorials takes longer too.

Like many of you, I have only limited time to create and share, and up to now, I’ve been assuming that you would like to see more projects, but I’ve realised that I shouldn’t be assuming anything on your behalf!

This is where you come in – I need you to tell me what you’d like to see! Now, that does come with some proviso’s – after all, I will still only have the same amount of time per week to create and share. So, I need you to let me know if you would prefer to continue to see 4-5 projects a week, with less details on their creation, or would you rather I shared fewer projects (2-3 per week) but went into greater detail about how they are created?

Remember, so that you get what you are looking for when you visit, I need your feedback. You don’t need to leave a lengthy comment if you don’t want – even just ‘more projects’ or ‘less projects’ will allow me to see what you want – so if you want your voice heard, please leave me a comment.

Thanks for your time today. I look forward to hearing from you, and continuing to serve you as best as I can,

Crafty Hugs, Val. XX


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  1. What a thoughtful gal you are! Letting US choose what you’ll share with us! I don’t know how you get it all done…ever. But since you’ve asked, I believe I would enjoy fewer projects with greater detail in their tutorials.

    Thanks again for what you do for us!

  2. Fewer with more detail please.Thank you for your inspiration. X

  3. Oh Val, I love your projects. I would love to have both, but I know how difficult that is. So more tutorials, because your tutorials/videos are fab. Big hugs xxxx

  4. Your amazing talent ranks very high with me already and your willingness to share through providing tutorials steps it up even more. I would like to see more details as far as the 3-D projects. Thank you for your generosity!

    Blessings to you!

  5. I love your tutorials and just enjoy watching your creativity land on paper. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I love tutorials on the 3D projects and none for the cards. I need more info on how to assemble the 3D project vs. just seeing the card. Love your work!

  7. Hi Val – I really don’t mind which you do – I always find your videos easy to follow – which is great for a klutz like me ! I just want more – of everything – so whatever you decide is fine by me!! maybe a bit of both – if you show us something more complex – then do fewer projects that week – but if you stick to the simple stuff – then you could perhaps show us more? I would guess this is dependant on how much “free” time you have – its not easy with home responsibilities – I’m just happy that you do share your ideas & expertise with us – Thanks!!

  8. For me, I am usually able to figure out how to make your cards as long as you’ve included a list of the materials you used. I appreciate detailed instructions for the more complicated 3-D projects. Thank you so much for asking – and thank you for sharing your talent! I love your style:-)

  9. Fewer projects, greater detail. Thank you, you are doing an amazing job with your blog.


  10. I’d love more detail. Thanks so much for your cute projects

  11. Val, I love your projects and I am normally able to work things out myself. As I have limited time for crafting, I think fewer things in more detail might be better. But as I said, I am fine with both. Greetings from Scotland, Nessie x

  12. You have such talent and a great blog! Please don’t stop! I often can figure the cards out as long as a list of supplies is in the blog post. Your videos are VERY well done, often they help with the 3D projects like bags and boxes.

  13. Crystal Wilson

    I think you are doing a great job! Only videos/detailed measurements/instructions for the complex projects that would be hard to duplicate by just looking at them. I do like the supply list included on each project as it provides the colors you used. Thanks

  14. Hello; I personally am looking for ideas, so more often is better, but I’m more experienced so don’t need as many details. I really like your style and enjoyed the blogs.

  15. I would love to have more details for your amazing projects! Thanks

  16. Dorothy D McCarty

    I think it would be more helpful to have moe details…thanks for sharing.

  17. I love details so am voting for fewer projects with more detail. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.

  18. Hi Val! I love whatever you create and am so thankful that you share them with us. I agree with Lila 100%! I just think it is wonderful that you share your humungeous talent with us. The details are great, but whatever you decide with be awesome!!

  19. More projects please – I enjoy the frequent updates and projects

  20. Val, you are so sweet to ask! 🙂
    Most always i am able to figure out what you have done.
    I vote for more projects!!
    But if not self explanatory, maybe a limited supply list.
    Remember first though, to enjoy creating and blogging!
    Happy day-

  21. Thanks for asking us to provide feedback! Would love details on 3D projects or fancy fold cards as I don’t feel it necessary for the simpler projects!

  22. I enjoy fewer projects with detailed instructions.
    Thank you for enabling us to give you our feedback. Much appreciated.

  23. Hi Valerie,

    I like to see your ideas, so would prefer less details more often please.

  24. More projects please!

  25. Appreciate you asking. With the 3D cards….detailed tutorials please. Cute, simple cards can be figured out. especially with the supply list.
    Thank You


    Hi. Valerie Personally, I’d rather see less projects but with more detail and techniques. Thanks Sam X

    Sent from my ASUS

  27. I think 3D projects are more challenging for people to figure out on their own. Maybe you could do one of those per week with lots of details and leave us to figure out the rest? I guess I’m voting for some sort of balanced approach. 🙂

  28. Well Val, what a question and so thoughtful of you to ask those that follow your blog what they would like to see from you Not at all sure I’ve ever known anyone to do that. I would say I want it all but you do have children and a lift outside crafting. So I love seeing your cards but if I had to choose I’d say more detailed projects please Val. I can sometimes work out details of a card but more intricate projects often have me stumped. You make such wonderful projects Val and your videos are so clear they help me in my thumbing attempts to reproduce them. Thank you you talented lady. Take care x


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