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Read This If You Want To Continue To See More From Stamping With Val!!!


Hi Guys! So, the new blog went ahead, but the migration of all my subscribers hasn’t happened yet. So all the action is happening over on my new site, but many of you just aren’t seeing it. This makes me sad.

So, if you want to continue to see what I have to share, please head over to to see all my latest news, posts & projects. When you get there, you’ll see my new front page with quick links to all my fun offerings. You’ll also find a link to the BLOG in the toolbar across the top under the header.

You may need to resubscribe to the new blog, or update your RSS feed (eg, Feedly) with the new code or you’ll continue to miss out on what I’ve been creating! I’ve added a sign-up button on the right hand side so you can subscribe to the new blog!


I do hope you’ll head over to the new blog and join me there, I’ve certainly been missing you.

Crafty Hugs, Val. XX


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